Deacon of the Week Responsibilities

• Handle the offertory prayer for both Sunday morning services and the Sunday evening service. You can have your associate help with this responsibility as needed.

• Work with the usher captain in the collection of the offering. . If you are unsure of what is needed or are new, please give the Deacon Chairman a call and it can be discussed.

• Check the church conference room after the 10:45AM service for any visitors who may need to be contacted that Sunday afternoon. As necessary, coordinate prospect visits after 2PM with your visiting deacons. If a visit is made, at least two deacons should be on the visit.

• Provide parking lot duty the following Wednesday evening. Duty should be maintained at least until the nursery workers leave but preferably until adult choir practice is over. Plan to identify yourself to the nursery workers.

• Provide parking lot duty the Sunday after you are Deacon of the Week during both Sunday morning services and the Sunday evening service. It is recommended that you have your visiting deacons and associates assist so coverage can be provided for all parking areas.

• If you cannot be present on your assigned Sunday, please contact another Deacon to swap weeks with you and let the Deacon Chairman know if this is done.

• The deacon of the week is responsible for getting the golf cart keys from the Sunday School office on the Sunday morning security surveillance will be provided.

• The golf carts should be stationed near the parking shuttle pick up banner in the main lot by 9AM. (at the point where the main lot widens).

• Golf carts should cycle so one of the two carts is always circling to pick folks up while the other cart is dropping off at the parking lot welcome center shelter.

• The carts should be returned to the storage shed and the cart covers zipped and secured at the bottom with provided hooks. Keys should be returned to the Sunday School office.

• If there are any cart maintenance issues noticed, complete a vehicle maintenance work order form.

• The deacon should make sure the visiting deacons and associates are notified that they will need to help with parking lot duty.

Deacon of the Week Schedule