Connection Groups are people taking next steps together. Join a Group and you'll learn why we believe you can't do life alone.

Building Guide:
A: Administration
B: Rutledge
C: Christian Life Center
D: House

Campus Map 

Co-Ed Adult Classes

All Ages
Led by Larry Darnell
Any Age
8:15 AM in Room B 202
9:30am Classes
College and Career
Led by Jonathan and Lisa Hawley
Age 20s
11:00 AM in Room B 203
Nearly Newlyweds
Led by Bo and Cindy Smith
Ages 20-30
Room B 206
Young Married I
Led by Joel and Melissa Lanier
Age 30s
Room B 201
Young Married II
Led by Don and Vicki Bryan
Age 30-40
Room B 202
Faith Forwards
Led by Shane Pengelly and Chuck Lightcap
Age 40s
Room B 205
Led by David Ramsey
Age 40s
Room A 210
Growing in Grace
Led by Dawn Blount
Age 40-50
Room C 220/221
Led by Stuart Jones
Age 40-50
Room C 206
11:00am Classes
Covenant Keepers
Led by John and Michelle Holt
Co-Ed ages 40-50
Room B 203
Fellow Servants
Led by Steve Evans
Co-Ed ages 50-60
Room B 202
Baby Boomers
Led by Steve Tanner
Co-Ed ages 50-60
Room B 209
Life Changers
Led by Kirk Elliot
Co-Ed ages 60-70
Room B 205
Willing Workers
Led by Steve Ball
Co-Ed ages 70-80
Room A 210
Son Risers
Led by Larry Darnell
Co-Ed ages 70-80

Women's Classes

Led by Karen Darnell and Ruby Jackson
Women ages 50-70
11:00am in Room A 208
Faithful Followers
Led by Karla Frazier, Mary Beth Bullock, and Elsie McDow
Women ages 50-60
11:00am in Room A202
Joy Seekers
Led by Frances Keener and Joyce Ayres
Women ages 70 and up
11:00am in Conference Room (Building A)
Led by Pat Berryhill
Women ages 40-60
11:00am in Room B 201

Men's Classes

Bill Pledger
Led by Parris McDonald
Men ages 60 and up
11:00am in Building D
Fishers of Men
Led by Buzz Morrell
Men ages 50-70
11:00am in Room B 206

Sunday Adult Bible Study is "THE" place to be at FBCPS.

Adults of all ages have a special place to find friends, fun, fellowship and learn the truths of God's word in the bible study ministry at FBCPS. There are lots of classes staffed by dedicated and talented teachers in both of our Connection Group hours, 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. We have classes for ladies, classes for men, co-ed classes and non-graded classes so come find a class that fits you perfectly. First Baptist is a "family of faith" with the desire to meet your needs in every possible way. If you have any questions about our Adult Sunday School/ Connection Groups, contact Alan Davis by phone at 770-943-9333 ext. 208 or by e-mail