Deacons at FBCPS

The Deacon Ministry at FBCPS is all about serving. Our main priority is follow the Biblical mandate to take care of the widows & orphans in our church community. We do not guide our Pastor in what to preach, we do not pick out carpet colors, and we do not govern the church...we simply serve. Deacons at FBCPS serve a 3 year term and then must take a 1 year hiatus before going through the nomination process to serve another term.

If you would like more information about our Deacon ministry, feel free to email our 2018-2019 Chairman, Kirk Elliot, at .

Ministry Teams, 2018 - 2019

Deacon Officers
  • Kirk Elliot, Chairman
  • John Hogue, Chairman Elect
  • Jonathan Hawley, Secretary
Homebound Ministry

Ron Sears, Chair
Clay Brown
Tom McCullough
David Moreland
Ken Oberkofler
Edward Schneider
Alex Miller

Widow/Widower Ministry

Allen Martin, Chair
David Blount
Raymond Dilbeck
Pete Linkous
David Ellis
John Holt
Mike Mendenhall