Deacon Nomination

 Dear Friends,

Once again, it is our privilege as well as our responsibility to not only invite you but encourage you to participate in the election of deacons.  We want very much for you to be a part of this important process.  Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we must make a few changes. We want to make the process as simple and as convenient as possible for all of our members.

 You have the opportunity to make nominations in one of four ways.  Please submit your nominations by Sunday, August 16th at 7:00pm.

  • You may make your nominations online at fbcps.org/nomination.
  • You may bring the enclosed ballot with your nominations to the church and place them in the receptacles provided in the secretaries’ offices.
  • You may mail your ballots with your nominations to the church, and Wendy Jones will place your envelope containing your nominations in a ballot box.
  • You may phone in your nominations to Wendy Jones or Becky Farr.

Remember, you may nominate as many or as few potential deacons as you would like. Each nominee will receive either a call or a visit from a member of the Deacon Election Committee to answer questions and to learn of the nominee’s willingness to serve for the next three years as a deacon of our church.  A ballot will be compiled, and the election of deacons will be September 6th through September 20th using the same process as the above nominating procedure. 

Please prayerfully participate in the election of our servant leaders for the next three years.

Very sincerely,

Mike Woods, Senior Pastor
Bo Smith, Chairman of Deacons (2020-2021)

Below, you will find a list of our current deacons who are not eligible for this year’s election.

Robbie Barnes
David Blount
Clay Brown
Mike Canning
John Darnell
Larry Darnell
Bart DeFoor
Raymond Dilbeck
Brian Goldsmith
John Hogue
John Holt
Keith Kellett
Phil Kirkland
Pete Linkous
Allen Martin
Alan Matthews
Mike Mendenhall
Alex Miller
Don Miller
David Moreland
Ken Oberkofler
Larry Parker
Steve Puckett
David Ramsey
Ken Rhudy
Glenn Rigby
Adam Sears
Bo Smith
Kirby Southerland
Johnny Stafford
Mark Tanner
Steve Tanner
Branson Washington
Jerry Winton
Don Wishon
Jason Womack