You will never be more like Jesus than when you are serving.

Our church has tons of ministry opportunities and we need you to plug in. Whether you know it or not, you bring unique skills, abilities and gifts that God can certainly use to grow His church here at FBCPS and ultimately His kingdom.

There are a couple different places to get a a clearer picture of what your gifts are. Remember, these are just a place to start. Ultimately, one can use discernment to get clarity on Spiritual Gifts.

  • First. Begin with Scripture. 1 Corinthians 12. Romans 12:3-8.
  • Second. What seems to fit with you? Personality etc. Sometime we just know when something fits. We enjoy it, we look forward to it.
  • Third. What do your friends think? You’d be surprised at the insight faithful friends can provide. Listen to them.
  • Fourth. Prayer. God does not hide these things from us. His desire is to use you in the life of the church. pray. You will be answered.
  • Fifth. The leading of The Holy Spirit. The bottom line is all these fit together to set you free to serve the Body of Christ. and the truth is, we are not fully functional as a church at FBCPS until we have found and utilize our gifts.

We have a test for adults as well as one for youth that will help you better understand how the Holy Spirit has gifted you.

Adult Gifts Assessment

Youth Gifts Assessment