Our two Sunday AM worship services here at First Baptist provide oppotunity for worshippers to give praise to God in a context where they feel most authentic.

C.S. Lewis once said that "all that is not eternal is eternally out of date." This statement resonates with the Worship community here at First Baptist. We are not going to get hung up on style debates. There are no "worship wars" here. We simply want to convey God's truth artistically. Our assessment of what is appropriate and not appropriate for worship is not a question of "is it old or new?" or "is it high church or pop culture?" Our single question is "does it accurately convey God's truth?"

Band Service

Our 9:15 service is our band service. It consists musically of a band (Guitars, Drums, Bass, and Keys) with vocal support from a praise team. We do a lot of Christian worship songs you might hear on the radio, but we also do fresh arrangements of timeless hymns.

Choir Service

Our 10:45 service is our "Traditional" service. Here you can sing classic hymns of the faith, along with uplifting choruses supported by our church choir and orchestra and accompanied by organ and piano.