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What is “The Bridge"?

It’s something that started about a year ago with God placing it in our hearts. We would dream about it, talk about it, wake up in the middle of the night and talk about it. It didn’t have a name but the purpose was there and it reoccurred over and over again. In God’s timing, he opened the doors to have several conversations and through a series of meetings, we found that God had been working this same idea in other’s hearts as well. It was nameless for months, until God gave us “The Bridge” one night and we all agreed that was the right fit.

Why focus on a bridge?

For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind is a structure that forms between two things. But in another definition, the term can be used as a verb, an “action word”. For example, “to make a difference between two groups”, or “an attempt to bridge the gap between cultures.” The synonyms for this are to “join, link, connect, or unite".
For our purpose here at “The Bridge”, it can best be defined as a verb, a course of action rather a place.

Who is it for?

The Bridge is an extension of the current young adult ministry and will target to meet the needs of young adults. However, The Bridge is not limited by any "cut-off age" or family status. It is for college-aged, single, married, families with kids, and empty nesters. If the atmosphere, style and method of teaching, and the mission of reaching people is exciting for you, then you have found an additional opportunity to be a part of what God is doing at FBCPS.

What will that look like?

We want to create an environment that focuses on connecting those outside the walls of the church to Jesus, while also being aware of how God is moving in our community. We want to work together to connect those we come in contact with back into our church family through our current and on-going discipleship opportunities. The Bridge will also serve as an opportunity for current FBCPS members to have an additional opportunity to learn and grow in their faith.

To define it simply, each month will be an adult gathering with the purpose of reaching out to unbelievers or those that have lost connection with the church. Each event will focus on Jesus, learning in the Word, and a connecting time with other believers as a part of our current young adult ministry.

What about Children?

During The Bridge, there will also be a program specifically designed for children K-5 at the Treehouse in the Children's Building.  There will also be childcare available for babies-preschool.

What about Students?

Students grades 6-12 are welcome! We encourage our students to serve during this time with the preschool and children areas, but they are also welcome to attend The Bridge if they would like. If they are interested in serving, please email us at