Double Dog Dare-a-thon

Double Dog Dare-a-thon 2018


  • You need to register your team. Here’s what we need, your team name (be creative), the name of every person on your team, and where you are staying.
  • Once you do the dares, you will need to submit your pics HERE.
  • Completing dares. Each dare you submit MUST include at least one person from your team. Any official submissions that do not include someone from your team will be disqualified.
  • Submitting dares. There a few things you need to remember when submitting your dares.
    1. We are only accepting picture submissions. We would encourage you to create videos to document your crazy antics throughout the night but only pictures will be accepted for dare submissions.
    2. You can submit your dare HERE
    3. All submissions MUST be in by Midnight. The best strategy will be to submit your dare as soon as you are satisfied with it. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and realize you don’t have time to submit all your dares. And you have no idea how long some dares may take you to complete.
    4. We will be accepting the first response your team has. If for some reason you send it multiple entries, or try to come up with a better submission we will only be accepting the first one, so make the first one count.
  • How do we know who wins? We will have prizes for 1stand 2ndplace for each dare along with giveaways. Do you have questions? You can ask and questions that you may have at 678-448-8488!  


Dare #1 Fork your Yard!  You can use either real forks or plastic forks and fork your yard spelling either a really cool word, a cool saying, or create a design!  We must be able to read the word or phrase and it must be appropriate! Most creative word, phrase, or design will win!

Dare #2 Cotton Ball Beards!  We are looking for the thickest fullest cotton ball beard.  We are looking for each one of your to have a cotton ball beard, so the more cotton ball beards, the better.  You can use whatever you can find to help keep the beard on your face except your hands.  (peanut butter, honey, shaving cream ect.) 

Dare #3 Awkward Family Photo! Using everyone in the house (parents, younger siblings, and pets included) we are looking for the best awkward family photo.  Get dressed up, find props, or have an awkward pose.  All we are looking for is everyone involved!

Dare #4 Stuffed Animal challenge!  We are asking you to gather all of the stuffed animals at your house and to get them together for a picture that has at least 1 student if not more in the middle of the stuffed animals.

Dare #5 Best Superhero Duo/Team! Be creative and come up with the coolest, hippest, crime fighting superhero duo/team that you can.  If could be an existing superhero, or one that is made up.  Use props and things around the house to come up with your characters.  Be sure and let us know who you superheroes are and what makes them super!

Dare #6 Food Selfie Using the food you have at your house, create a selfie of someone in your groups.  You can use food items like fruit, spaghetti noodles, candy, and cereal.  Make sure the food selfie is next to the real selfie!

Dare #7 Midair pic Create a great pose in midair and capture it with a pic! Do your best leap, air guitar, or fortnight dance while jumping.  Your feet must be off the ground without you sitting or holding on to anything for the pic to count!